Yellow Cedar Logs

What makes Yellow Cedar Logs valuable?

Yellow cedar is one of the finest timber trees present in the world. It is commonly used for construction and boat building. It is ideal for a wide range of uses, and it also adds beauty and a nice finish to the overall work. Yellow cedar logs are valuable commercially as this wood is resistant to decay. This wood grows on the Pacific coast of North America, from Alaska to Oregon. It has exceptional durability and can stand tough weather conditions. The tree grows at a very slow rate and is very rare, thus increasing its already high value tenfold.

Yellow cedar logs are widely exported to China and other countries, making it a major source of livelihood for lumberjacks. It is also used as firewood. A log of the tree can stay up to 100 years and produce fire. Some trees are believed to exist since 1200 years. It is scientifically called as Chamaecyparis nootkatensis and famously known as Sitka cypress or Alaska cedar. The color of the wood is not exactly yellow, and ranges from white, yellow, pale straw, to light brown. It has high in-ground and above ground durability, making the wood last more than 25 years and more than 40 years, respectively.

Yellow cedar is a softwood, which can be worked by hand or machine. It is very light-weight and also typically found in saunas and indoor pool areas. It is also highly recommended for outdoor furniture, decorative paneling, custom joinery, carpentry, decks and Millwork. Yellow cedar logs have an equal share of popularity in both commercial and residential fields of work. Its versatile nature makes it very sought out among the different types of woods present out there. It also has a very aromatic fragrance that makes the wood much more desirable. Due to its high durability, yellow cedar has the ability to sustain high loads and is the primary wood considered for shipbuilding.

Yellow cedar is usually grown in high altitude sites and is a medium sized tree with a height of 25m. Yellow cedar expensiveness makes it hard to be used for everyday construction and is mainly used for finished carpentry. The nearly extinction of the wood due to over-exploitation and changing environmental conditions is making further hardships for the wood to be used freely for other purposes. It is now used rarely and only by people who can afford it.

Historically, the Aboriginal people used this wood for absolutely everything – from making clothes and dishes to oaks and bows. Yellow cedar logs have been out there for centuries and have been benefiting the society in more than a few ways. Now, in the present, this wood is used because of its uniform straight grain and fine texture. It gives an aesthetic feeling to the woodwork because of its fine finish. This wood is sought put by many designers for their high-end projects to create a luxurious look. Hence, with such great effect and the undeniable properties, Yellow Cedar Log Expensiveness has become less of a concern for foreign trade as the price is worth the quality.