Wismar Sawmill

Wismar Sawmill & ILim Timber

Wismar Sawmill is located in Germany and it is owned by Ilim Timber lumber exporters. The company, Ilim Timber, was founded in 2007 as a joint-venture of Russian Ilim Pulp and International Paper. Remarkably in 2010 and 2011, the company has acquired and merged with some small woodworking assets in Germany and the United States. This merger and acquisition made the company to be among the top largest producers of sawn timber.

Ilim Timber Diversity

Ilim Timber has, in 2014, made efforts to have shares in International Forest Products Limited of Canada. This is done to maximize marketing of products worldwide. The company has its own forest where it takes its resources to manufacture sawn timber and other products. The forest resources of Ilim Timber lumber exporters are based in Russia. Furthermore, the company has partnered with some regional suppliers of wood. Its species are Siberian larch, Angara pine, German spruce, and Baltic’s softwood.

The headquarters of Ilim Timber lumber exporters are based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The company has its manufacturing facilities located in Eastern Siberia, Northwest of Russia, and Germany. The offices are located in China and the European Union. The company produces about 3 million m³ of sawn timber in a year and 210000 m³ of plywood annually. It is the largest producer of larch sawn timber, and it is an unparalleled exporter of sawn timber to China markets.

Huge Production

Wismar Sawmill is called Ilim Nordic Timber. The mill produces 1200000 m³ of softwood sawn timber. The mill was founded in 1998, long before the joint venture of Russian Ilim Pulp and International Paper. Its raw materials are softwood saw log form Baltic region and Germany, spruce and pine. The major markets where the mill supplies its products are the USA, China, Australia, Europe, and MENA.

Wismar Sawmill Sawn Timber

Wismar Sawmill produces sawn timber as its primary export to the targeted countries. The product is largely in demand in USA, Europe, Japan, MENA, China, and Australia. There are many companies that utilize this product for their end-products. Some are Pulp industries that use the residues for processing, and some use the wood waste for power generation. The market of sawn timber is diverse. The demand is still emerging in other markets.

Wismar Sawmill Products

Wismar Sawmill uses Angara Pine and Siberian larch to produce its primary export product, sawn timber. Angara Pine has distinct properties that are widely known and appreciated by the largest importers of the product of Wismar Sawmill of Ilim Timber Company. These properties include its high durability, large density, close layers, and ease of processing. It can fit well in the production process. It has anti-bacterial and heat-preservation properties.

On the other hand, Siberian larch also has high density and durability properties. The larch wood can sustain harsh weather conditions. It is resistant to rot and has resin that enables it to sustain harsh weather conditions. Bavarian spruce is also used in the production of sawn timber in Germany.

Wismar Sawmill Worldwide

Wismar Sawmill of Ilim Timber is widely known for its production of sawn timber. It distributes its products to various markets in USA, China, Japan, Australia, MENA, and Europe. Its products are produced from various species, and they are produced to conform to some industrial standards set by standards organization. They also have grades established to them.

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