Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce, or Picea Sitchensis, is the largest species of its genus as well as one of the largest conifer trees in the world. This means that it is relatively cost-effective, as there is not only a large amount of available lumber from each tree, but there is also a dense growth population among the northwestern regions of the North America. The average height of three hundred feet per tree means that a wide array of grade levels are available, with clear grades being by far the easiest to work with.

Sitka Spruce Texture

Knotless grades of Sitka spruce are coupled with a very fine grain texture and a generally light coloring to create a wood which is incredible useful in the manufacture of paper products. The ability to work easily with thinner samples of lumber also makes the spruce a viable candidate for several musical instruments, from harps and pianos to instruments with thinner frames such as violins. Its light weight and relative ease in crafting has also led to use in airborne devices such as planes and missiles.

Sitka Spruce Limitations

It is difficult to utilize Sitka Spruce when a darker color is desired, since its pore structure is not open enough to be treated well with staining agents. This does not mean that it cannot be stained at all, however, and some alteration in appearance is still possible. For instance, gel stains can still be used on the lumber with a fair amount of ease.

Sitka Spruce Desirability

Exported largely from Canada and the United States, Asian manufacturers in countries such as China, Korea, and Japan make up a great deal of the import business. Sitka Spruce Lumber and Logs are also exported frequently to Dubai as well as nations within the European Union. This is in part due to its availability and versatility, which includes uses outside of simple construction and craftsmanship. One prime example of its versatility is its use in consumables such as beer, for which the spruce can be used as a flavoring. Such variability when it comes to application means that very little of the incredibly large and easily crafted trees ever has to go to waste.