Radiata Pine

Radiata Pine

Radiata Pine, or Pinus Radiata, is the most commonly bred species of pine in the entire world. Better known as Insignis or Monterey Pine, its commonality combined with its quick growth rate ensures that costs can be kept down. In fact, Radiata is just about the cheapest pine species available in the lumber trade.

Radiata Pine Desirability

Used primarily by Korea, China, and the United States, Radiata is a prime lumber export. Unfortunately, growth is difficult to maintain in North America due to common insect infections; however, a large amount of Radiata is still exported out of Australia and New Zealand, as well the Great Britain.


A vast array of applications are available when working with this species of pine, which has open pores that lend to easy color alteration through the use of paints or stains. Also useful are its durability when working with nails or screws and its ease of use when cutting. It is a very solid wood, which makes it a prime choice for support structures as well as flooring and fencing projects. It is not the best structural choice when used to hold heavy loads, however, as it is incredibly brittle in comparison with some other strong woods such as the Douglas fir.

Radiata Pine Other Uses

When not used in construction, Radiata Pine makes a fine pulp. This is also due to its color, which lends to its use in various types of paper products. Newspapers are among the most common paper products produced from the wood. It is also used in other thin wares such as particle boards. As can be gathered from this large list of applications, Radiata Pine is somewhat unique in that it can be used as a softwood or a hardwood, and can also be used in ply.

Radiata Pine Incredible Growth Rate

Since the wood grows so fast, it can be exported more frequently than some types of wood. It is also exported in much greater quantities than types of lumber which grow more slowly. This is a boon to the United States which, due to the insect infestations in much of its supplies of the wood, has to export a good deal of its Radiata Pine from elsewhere.