Popular Hardwood Flooring Species

Popular Hardwood Flooring Species from across the Globe

Hardwood is a close grained wood from deciduous species. These are trees that shed their leaves. The term is not connected to the hardness of the hardwood flooring. However, the density of hardwood is greater compared to the softwood species.

In North America, available hardwood flooring species include cherry, white oak, maple, ash, alder, and red oak. One of the most popular hardwood species is the Brazilian cherry or jatoba due to its durability and aesthetic quality.

There are hundreds of species used for hardwood flooring. They all differ in styles, types, and finishes. They are in demand because it is one of the items buyers look for in a house. Among the hundreds of options on the market, below are the popular hardwood flooring species.

Black Walnut Hardwood

Black walnut is a tight grained hardwood flooring species. It polishes to a smooth finish that improves through the years. Its color ranges from dark brown to purplish black. When black walnut is kiln dried, it turns into a dull brown color. Air drying this hardwood creates a purplish brown color. It usually has straight grains that can have some curls or waves. It has medium density with average bending and crushing strength with low stiffness. Black walnut usually works well when cut, nailed, screwed, machined, or glued. It stains easily with slow drying time.

Cherry Hardwood

Cherry is known for its woodworking qualities and the easiest hardwood flooring species to work with. It has high luster with high resistance to moisture. It has minimal shrinking and swelling to make it a high quality hardwood flooring material. It has a reddish brown color that becomes dark when exposed to the sun. Its grain is straight with a smooth texture. It has an average density, stiffness and density. It has a unique grain pattern with pith flecks and small gum pockets.

Ash Hardwood

Ash is light-colored hardwood flooring species that comes in white, cream or light brown. It is ideal for flooring because of its high tensile strength. It has large pores that allow the application of any stain. It dries fast with little degradation to its quality.

Hard Maple

Hard Maple is the hardest from the maple species and the most reliable one. It has straight grain with uniform texture. It features some bird’s eye grain patterns. It is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial uses. Its color is cream to light reddish brown. It can be polished to create a high quality finish.

Hardwood flooring importing and exporting countries

The United States imports most of its hardwood flooring from China, Canada, Sweden, Brazil, and Indonesia. On the other hand, the United States exports a lot of hardwood logs to Canada each year. Some of the wood are processed into hardwood flooring and then shipped back the US. It showed the complexity of the industry. The finish products are imported from Canada, but the trees originally came from the United States.