Palm Hardwood

Palm Hardwood

There are at least two many subspecies of Palm Hardwood which warrant consideration.

Black Palm Hardwood (Borassus Flabellifer)

Also called Palmyra Palm, Black Palm springs up to around one hundred feet in the tropics of Asia as well as Africa and is used for floors as well as furniture and rafters. More unique applications include ships, tools, knives, and walking sticks. The relatively smooth wood is very soft and easily workable, with a light coloring but black fibers. On the outer rim of the trunk, the wood is blacker and more fibrous, except around the tree’s middle. These fibers are largely where the species gets its name.

Red Palm Hardwood (Cocos Nucifera)

Red Palm, or Coconut Palm, is grown in tropical regions worldwide to a height of one hundred feet. The trunk is only about half as thick as that of Black Palm, and the wood overall has a much redder hue. Like with Black Palm, the wood is more fibrous farther away from the center. The very dense wood is not easy to work with when taking from the center, but the outside of the tree is much easier to cut and shape. The fibers are again fairly dark, with the exterior wood being rather soft. Red Palm can be used for many of the same things as Black Palm, but also works quite well in canoes.