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The Lumber Portal Inc., Consulting

At The Lumber Portal Inc., we offer an airtight compliant consulting process. Whether you are looking to source specific products and have not been able to find the right supplier. Or whether you are looking to market your products overseas we can help. We work with you to first build an effective strategy, this is done through doing research, gathering statistics, assembling the right team or personnel, doing further analysis, integrating everything into our project management system. Then placing goals and planning to move ahead while working with the management team to ensure the work gets done in a proper and time efficient way.

Building a Strategy

This is essential; one never steps up to home plate hoping to get struck out. We ensure you do not strike out; we assess your products, your company, and your trade partner and then help both parties come to reasonable and compliant terms which will benefit everyone involved.


In today’s age there is nothing more important than understanding the market in which you trade and do business in. This can be done one of two ways. The first being you look at every trade transaction within your industry over the last 10 years. Or the second way you understand your competitors, their market share, and price of products. We help you build a statistical approach to understanding even the most complex of theories.


Nothing is more detrimental to a trade transaction then having two parties where one is less interested in completing things then the other. You first need to understand the needs, ensure you can meet the pricing, and absolutely engrave in stone that either party can ensure delivery, by working together step by step you can ensure a cohesive unit and stability until the transaction is complete.