Market Exposure

Market Exposure like Never Before

The Lumber and Forest Products industry has changed drastically over the last 25 years. People rely less on telephone conversations and cold calls to gain new clients, and rely more on the internet and email as a means of communication. That is why having a strong internet presence on a strategic website is so important. You can have a sawmill but what good would it do you to advertise through an online means and have your ads show up on some dentists website, or the website of an Animal Feed company. That is why our service is unique and complex at the same time. A lumber company or anyone in the forest products industry advertises on our website, they are guaranteed exposure to the people who search our website every day for different trade partners all over the world. All of our visitors are either Corporations, Sales Agents and/or Trade offices looking for contacts overseas. Why not use our paid Ad Space to help your product stand out above the competition.

Canada, USA maybe China

Lumber products are not tied to any one demographic, for example the largest importers and consumers of SPF Lumber in the World are from China, while the largest Manufacturers in the World reside in Canada and some in the Western United States. This is a prime example of the right market exposure and serial product targeting can help your brand to grow overseas at a much higher pace then you can grow locally.

Knowing the Price

Know your product pricing period; remember always leave room for errors. Too often have we seen people trying to trade overseas and then losing money on every trade by a slight adjustment in the exchange rates. Just is carefully double and triple check your numbers, and quotes.