Film Faced Veneer

Film Faced Veneer

Veneer can be laminated with a film to add to its attractiveness and give it a much more polished feel. This is used predominantly in two different types of manufactured wood.

Film Faced Plywood

This plywood is coated with a phenolic resin that results in a cleaner, shinier appearance. Such wood is often used in furniture meant to be assembled by the purchaser, such as shelving and entertainment centers. It can be used in doors as well as panels, but has some uses in larger structures such as playgrounds and loudspeakers. Film Faced Plywood is often fairly strong, and while the laminate can be scratched which causes a reduction appearance, this is traded for a resistance to wear over time.

Laminated Veneer Lumber

This is similar to plywood, but generally laminated on all sides rather than simply an outer face. It shares many of plywood’s choice attributes, such as its decreased tendencies toward warping or shrinkage. Laminated Veneer Lumber is most frequently used in beams and decking components. This is partly due to its flexibility, which makes it great for wooden parts on the edges of various projects, where said projects are likely to receive the most stress. One large difference from plywood is that cross-graining is not always used, meaning that the grains sometimes run parallel to one another.