Board and Batten

Why Should You Get Board and Batten Siding?

Board and batten siding method was introduced in American architecture illustrating the middle class desire for a lofty and elevated style that is existent in our past and present. Although it has always been used in the exterior of the housing, it has now found a new pattern of application. People in America have started to consider it as a perfect wall treatment inside their homes. This siding is an outer treatment of vertical boards, which fully cover the seams with battens. Battens are created using complex and knotty cedar boards which are spaced apart. It is such roofing that will cover the gaps and will help build a roof. Also called as single wall construction, it is a technique of building with upright and vertical boards.

Battens covering the joints will help build a board and batten siding. While constructing this siding, there is no particular blend of how board and batten configuration is set, in fact, they are selected with various combinations. This combination depends on whether they are being used for small or large scale applications. There is also an alternate method in which the boards are fixed over battens to form a profound channel effect.

While some people fantasize about sugarplum fairies and huge glass windows, many wonder of having striking sided homes. As of now, board and batten siding has gotten very popular among masses. The most exciting part of this style is that it can be designed anywhere and however people like.

In recent years, board and batten siding popularity has tremendously increased. Homeowners have started to prefer installing it both on the outside as well as indoors. There are a few reasons why its demand has gone drastically upwards:

• Its outer appearance as well as the potential to be visually crisp and clear is what attract the majority.
• Its popularity has thrived mainly because it is durable and long lasting. People have become attuned with this design, and they want board and batten siding in their homes.
• Most importantly, if the implementation is done accurate and correctly, it has an enduring look and weathers perfectly.
• For a very long time, it has been known well by the siders and carpenters; therefore, its implantation can be done rightfully. The fact that all the historical places and cottages have board and batten siding; people can implement it in a far better way.
• The process of having it constructed takes the natural contraction and expansion of the used materials into consideration.

Board and batten profile perfectly matches the historical appeal having a modern touch. Their crafting is done in detail featuring a light texture in an elegant manner having a variety of colors. An overview of why the board and batten siding is profitable will hopefully help you figure out whether you want it on your home or not.