Block of Pine

Block of Pine

The main uses of pine are in building applications. Pine is softwood and is, therefore, easy to work with by hand or machine. The varieties of pine wood make it more appealing to use in various projects as you can have white pine and yellow pine; not forgetting knotty pine. Depending on the required look and strength of the structure to be built you can get the most suitable pine block.

Depending on the application, a block of pine can be used from anything as fun and seemingly simple as building a pine block derby car to highly complicated structural designs that require strong and durable wooden materials.

Common Uses

As stated a common use of small pine blocks is in building a pine block derby car. These are common projects for young scouts in the USA. Cub scouts are required to build a model racing car assisted by their parents. Each scout gets a kit containing a block of pine and plastic wheels with a plastic axle. A block of pine is favored for this because as stated earlier it is easily workable by hand as well as machine. In this specific case, the block is worked by hand. The scout together with their parent is required to design a racing car and then work the pine block to resemble the design. The cars use gravity to provide required force of propulsion necessary to move the car. Due to this there exist limits on the allowable weight of racing cars. The light nature of pine is a great advantage.

Knotty Block of Pine

A knotty block of pine can be reworked into a beautiful kitchen counter in as it creates a beautiful finish due to its attractive appearance. Since it is easily worked you can easily build a kitchen counter if you feel up to the task. The inherent characteristics of pine make it a great surface to paint on or in this case just apply a clear glossy finish that ensures the beautiful knotty appearance is maintained. Proper sanding may be necessary to enhance the wood’s ability to absorb and hold the gloss. A pine wood kitchen counter is mostly suitable for those that are willing to invest their time and effort into caring for it. This is because water and too much wear may be destructive. Some regular maintenance is necessary, but this is not to mean that the counter will not be durable.

Other Uses

Other uses of blocks of pine are in the building and construction industry. As wood is seen as a renewable building material that saves energy by being a great heat-insulator; more and more wood is used for building projects. Large structures that require strong and durable but light timber can make use of southern yellow pines as they are suitable for these applications. Pine blocks can be used to build the structure of such buildings. A block of pine, especially southern yellow pine, can effectively be used to provide much needed support without overly increasing the weight of the structure. This is especially important for multi-level buildings.