Black Walnut

A Comprehensive Guide to Black Walnut Hardwood Products

Walnut hardwood is a commonly used hardwood product that is favored for use due to its properties. This famously known hardwood comes in two varieties English walnut and Black walnut. English walnut is mostly found in abundance in North America. The black walnut variation is darker than English walnut and also stronger. Black walnut hardwood products are highly durable due to the robust nature of the wood. This hardwood is also favored due to its easily workable nature. It responds well to steam treatment, as well as wood glue.

Black Walnut Products

The list of black walnut hardwood products is quite extensive. Due to its robust nature as stated previously this hardwood is used in making durable items. Furniture items made of black walnut are known to be solid and strong and, therefore, highly durable. It is common to find old furniture items made of black walnut in existence today. Though the traditional oilseed finish may not be as pleasing to most people; these old furniture items have outlived their owners in most cases.

Another common traditional use of black walnut hardwood is in making rifle, shotgun and pistol handles. Most old rifles and shotguns have wooden handles. As is common with black walnut hardwood products, durability is not in doubt. You can still find many guns with wooden black walnut handles. These handles can take a beating and still bear through with minimal damage and thus exhibit great resistance to common wear and tear.

As previously stated black walnut hardwood can be easily worked. The appealing heartwood can be easily sanded to expose the attractive grain appearance. The nature of the wood makes sanding using different grades of sand paper at different levels create a perfectly exposed grain structure that is perfect for making appealing household/interior décor black walnut hardwood products. These can be used to enhance and complement the interior décor of a house.

When making music instruments such as guitars, the wood used needs to be solid and compact to enhance it sound transmission properties. Guitars are among the listed common black walnut hardwood products. The solid and robust nature of black walnut makes it suitable in making musical instruments these instruments are also durable and can be used for an extended period. The fact that it is also attractive in appearance is an added benefit.

Black Walnut Applications

Common black hardwood applications include flooring. Wooden floors are known to take a lot of wear and tear and thus durability is an essential requirement. Black walnut hardwood is highly durable and, therefore, suitable to such an application. Resistance to shrinking is also another inherent characteristic of black walnut hardwoods. This hardwood can therefore be used in building durable and reliable wooden floors.