Arauco Forest Products

Arauco is a lumber producing company based in Las Condes Santiago Chile. The company has been in existence for over 45 years, striving to become a leader in forest products. Operating in five business areas namely forestry, wood pulp, panels, sales and distribution, timber and energy; Arauco export serves customers in over 71 countries worldwide. Arauco operates through 10 different companies i.e. Argentina, Australia/New Zealand, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Europe, Japan, Mexico, Peru and the USA Among the major driving forces for the company is its sizeable plantation forests, high quality products, innovation, environmental and social responsibility. Arauco is committed to not just satisfying its customers but also catering to employee and community needs in areas where it operates.

Arauco Products

Arauco produces a wide range of lumber products including composites, millwork, plywood, wood pulp and wood posts. The company gets its raw materials from its extensive forest plantations in Chile, Argentina and Brazil. The bulk of its products are exported to foreign markets, where Arauco export products are in high demand. The company’s main exports are paneling and plywood products which are in high demand in the USA.

Arauco Ownership

Arauco is controlled by the Chilean Angelini Group through its holding company the Empresas Copec. The company owns lumbering operations in different countries in furtherance of its business.

Arauco Lumber Exporters

Arauco divisions operating in Chile, Argentina and Brazil are among the largest exporters of wood products to North America. The USA is among the leading importers of Arauco wood products as they account for up to 14% of the company’s exports. The companies number one export market is China which accounts for up to 34% of the company’s exports from Argentina, Chile and Brazil. China provides an extensive market for Arauco log exports. Arauco USA has completed the process of acquiring a panel plant in Moncure, North Carolina. The plant is a vital part in the company’s strategy of operating from North America as it expands its product market. This is estimated to save on a lot of costs associated with transportation and other costs. The plant is also crucial in serving the growing Mexican market that is not satisfied by local supply.

Arauco Environmental Responsibility

Arauco operates under the highest environmentally friendly standards. The company owns certified plantation forests, which are sustainably managed. It has an active Bio forest division that conducts research on improving site productivity, ecosystem management, and pest management among others. The company also operates biomass power generating plants to power its plants in South America using eco-friendly, green energy. The excess power produced is supplied to the relevant national grids. Arauco additionally owns over 900000 acres of native forests in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. These are protected habitats, and no trees are harvested from these forests. No wood is harvested or purchased for use if it originates from natural forests. The bio forest program is used to enhance the biodiversity in some of these native forests. Internationally accepted methodology is used to identify and protect forests with broad biodiversity for conservation purposes.

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