Ad Spaces

Ad Spaces at The Lumber Portal Inc.

The process has never been easier; receives thousands and thousands of unique visitors per day. All you have to do to capitalize on this is, first pick your ad size, second pick whether you want it displaying on the home page, a specific page, or all the pages. You follow the guide, make your payment, and let us do the rest. We do not oversell our Ad Spaces, so once they are gone they are gone, we have a hard limit of advertisers per space, and do not break it.

Ad Space Sizes

We offer all the ad space sizes that you can think of. But if there is something we do not offer, please send us a quick email and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Apples to Apples

Right now we offer the best prices in the industry period. While most companies are charging you per click or by 1000 impressions we are charging a flat monthly fee, and we do not see our vision changing in the near future.

Still do not follow? PPC or Pay Per Click is a technology which has been around for some time essentially what it means is this, you advertise on a network; every time someone clicks your ad you a charged a certain dollar value which can range from $.10 all the way up to a few hundred dollars every time your ad is simply clicked.

With The Lumber Portal Inc., you are charged a flat monthly fee with no hidden costs.

Who Else Advertises

This is a question that comes across our table often, the simple answer is “Who really cares?” people advertise to bring their company to a local, national, and international scope. If your competitors are not advertising that’s another advantage that you have.