About Us

About Us

The Lumber Portal Inc.

The Lumber Portal Inc., is a leading marketing firm for a large scale of companies scattered from Canada to Dubai to Australia. We have helped various companies around the world achieve a tremendous amount of online success.

Founded in 2011, The Lumber Portal has grown from a small 2 person marketing office into a global marketer with employees on 4 different continents. The Lumber Portal helps companies in the Softwood and Hardwood industry and also works with plywood and veneer manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers.

Our goal is to help everyone understand to keep things simple. Simplicity is key, why work on ads or prints that no one will understand or that will not get your message across. We have made it our passion to help this industry strive to its true online potential. All the services we provide are guaranteed through our years of lumber trading, forest product marketing, and research experience.

How We Can Help You

We can help you through various ways, the first being adding you to our Lumber Directory, the Second being creating a custom Ad Space for you through our Ad Service to be placed on your desired location of our website. We can help you through our consulting service, which helps you either source products, or market your products overseas, the possibilities are limitless.

Advertising and Marketing

After spending years advertising and marketing products and studying the whole economics between the start and end of a transaction. We developed a well targeted system where we focus strictly on the lumber industry, and everything it contains, we deal with sawmills, to forest product marketing firms with one goal in mind “Our Clients Success is Our Success”.

Understand Your Business

Before you can become a global powerhouse, and export or import all over the world. One needs to first take a step back and understand their own business, this is where we come in. Our consulting service breaks down and goes over everything from the strategy to the goals and timeline we ensure that both you and your trade partner understand the terms and such of any sales agreement which you may enter into.

Understanding one another helps prvent breakdowns along the road and helps build long term business partnerships. Having an online presence is essential and vital in todays marketplace. Without anytype of online presence how can you reach the potentially thousands of customers all around the world. To get started with having a online presence please sign up for our Lumber Directory, and or Ad service to ensure you reach the customers you need to via our website.